Mentoring Program

The Meditation Mentoring Program consists of one-to-one instructions in the practice and development of mindfulness and compassion (metta-vipassana). Emphasis is placed on the cultivation of the eight-fold path as a means for developing a liberation-based lifestyle. Depending on your technology availability, we can meet by Face-time, by Skype, or by phone call. Scheduled times are: 7am to 3pm Tuesday – Thursday (MST).

Regularly scheduled sessions support you in beginning and provide the application and structure of refining a meditation practice over the long-term. The process also allows for the opportunity to integrate meditation into daily life. The cost of these ongoing sessions are offered on a sliding scale basis. (see below, dana)

Once the initial two-month period is over, students will have access to my online teaching portal thru RUZUKU. There, you will be able to connect with other students around the globe and you will have access and be able to utilize my entire teaching library, which includes videos, texts, guided meditations and Dharma talks. There are also several discussion groups that only students of the mentoring program can access. For those who don’t have access to a regular sitting community, this is often the next best thing.

Meditation Mentoring options:

Sessions are 30 minutes.
 Recurring session weekly or every other week.
 An initial two-month commitment is recommended. The focus will be on developing and maintaining a daily sitting practice. Instructions will be tailored to fit the needs of the students.

1). Experienced students
Sessions are 30 minutes.
 Biweekly is most common.  
An initial two-month commitment is recommended. The focus is on integrating mindfulness and heart practice meditations (metta-vippassana).

2). Dharma mentoring
Sessions are 30-60 minutes.
 Sessions are scheduled as requested.
 This is offered for experienced students who would like to integrate study and practice of the dharma into all aspects of their lives. Focus will be placed on the needs and interests of the student and will look different for each person.

The financial and dana aspect of mentoring:

Many teachers charge a set rate fee for mentoring sessions, usually around 75$ for 30 minutes. As a Dharma teacher, the majority of my annual income comes thru the dana system. I am not completely comfortable with a set rate for all people. We all have different financial conditions. My hope is to accommodate everyone, including myself. Thus, I have set up a middle way with some of the challenges and confusion around dana. I ask each person to consider a range of 50-250$ per session. This wide range allows people to offer what is appropriate for them. This number may also change from session to session. You may at times have some abundance and you will want to give more, at times things may be tight and you may have to offer less. Please let me know if you have any questions, I have thought about this a lot and feel that this is the most appropriate way to work. Please contact me directly if you would like to discuss, or begin the process.

Dana Practice (generosity) 

Dharma teachings are offered freely. Anytime you feel moved to offer dāna for the teachings you receive, the donation will be accepted with tremendous gratitude. To support those who are offering the Dharma also supports your own heart’s journey to awakening. And the goodness of that ripples out to families, friends, communities, and to the world.

In the Theravada tradition, the teachings are given freely because they are considered priceless. Within the Buddhist tradition we also practice dana, or generosity, by making monetary offerings for the teachings, as well as the teacher. Dana is not payment for goods or services rendered; it is given from the heart. Your generosity is a gift that supports not just the teachers, but also the the spreading of the Dharma as well as your own practice. Dāna is a mindfulness practice. Mindful awareness brings the act of dāna out of the realm of unconscious habit and into the realm of wise attention.